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There are a few ways to shop at AYATRIO. Some of them let you shop from the comfort of your own home – although we’ll always have your favorite Swedish delicacy available at our restaurant for those that choose to visit the AYATRIO store.

Discover how to shop at AYATRIO and how AYATRIO can come to you, whether you’re looking for any support buy online, over the phone, or plan your dream home.


AYATRIO stores and order and collection point


From the colour of your kitchen cabinets to the height of your houseplant, with AYATRIO, you’re in complete control. At our stores, you can get inspired, touch and feel our products, get professional help from one of our AYATRIO co-workers and get inspired.

At our larger stores, you can buy products to take home the same day or collect products ordered online. They have everything you need for a family day out, from veggie balls to a playroom for the little ones.

In smaller city-stores, you can touch and try products from our range, order for delivery or collection and buy selected products to take home the same day.

AYATRIO Large store

New to AYATRIO - At the entrance, you will be greeted by our friendly co-worker. Reach out to them for any information you need. We like to make visiting AYATRIO both fun for kids and easier for grown-ups. Visit Småland supervised play area located near the entrance where your kids can play for free for 45 minutes while you can enjoy shopping in-store.

Before you start shopping, take a yellow bag or basket to carry the items you like from the showroom area, pick the blue map and pencil or use the AYATRIO App to navigate and create your shopping list.

Head to the showroom area on the first floor to start your shopping journey at AYATRIO and get inspired by the number of room settings.

Like something? Make a note, click a picture of the product tag, or add to your shopping list on our website or app on your phone.

You can also use our self-service points located all over the store to create your shopping list and easily find product locations. Self-service points can also be used to create and place an order for large furniture.

Follow the arrows on the floor to navigate your way through the store or locate a specific area on the map or navigation boards placed all over the store.

Did you know that our prices are always lower than the MRP? Our price signs, tags, and labels will tell you everything you need to know. You will get the product name, details, and price along with where to pick up the item.

  • Red tag means you can pick it up at Market Hall or the self-serve furniture area using the location info mentioned on the tag·
  • Yellow tag means you need to contact our co-workers at the info counter
  • Feeling Hungry? Take a break at the restaurant and relish our Swedish as well as local cuisines.

    Step down to the ground floor and exchange your shopping bag with a basket trolley. Proceed to the market hall, explore our product range and pick items as you move.

    Go to the self-serve area to pick up the furniture you have chosen in the showroom – refer your notes for the exact location (Aisle and Rack numbers).

    You can take it home with you or book delivery and/or assembly services with one of our coworkers in the store.

    Proceed to the billing counter to make the payment for your purchase. Carry your own bags or buy our re-usable AYATRIO bags at the counter.

    Collect your pickup orders from our Customer Service Area or head there if you have any queries / returns and exchanges or need to book any services you might have missed.

    Grab a quick bite or take away items from your Swedish Bistro and Swedish Food Market while on your way out.

    Know your store

  • Showroom: Furniture AYATRIO stores are huge home furnishings exhibitions. Stretch out on a bed, see how many people you can fit on a sofa, or let your children choose furniture for their rooms. Our room settings are built entirely from AYATRIO products and will give you inspired ideas for furnishing, lighting, and decorating your home. All products at the store have a price tag, which shows important information about size, color, material, measurements, features, and care. Tags on large items tell you where to pick them up in the self-serve furniture area. If you need, you can talk to our sales co-workers who can answer your questions or offer you additional home furnishing advice.
  • Market hall: Home Accessories The market hall is just what it sounds like: many different specialty shops gathered together. You'll find everything from rugs to textiles to picture frames and clocks. You'll also see all kinds of home lighting, everything you need for your kitchen and countless unique gifts you can give to others - or keep for yourself.
  • Self-serve This is where you pick up the flat-packed furnishing items you saw earlier in the room settings. Picking up your purchases is an important part of AYATRIO’s approach to customer involvement. Specifically, if you can do simple things like pick up your purchases and assemble them at home, we'll keep prices low. Of course, there is always someone available to give you a hand if you need it. There are also plenty of trolleys available to help you bring your purchases to your car. Or you can bring your car to your purchases by pulling up to our customer loading area.
  • AYATRIO City store Welcome to our City stores, located in the heart of the city - in a shopping mall or complex, these stores are designed specifically for small space living, easy and fast access for our customers. You will experience 2 floors with a mix of furniture and home furnishing accessories. The majority of the take-away products available are home furnishing accessories. There are more than 5000 products on display for you to see, touch and order. You can order to deliver at home or use Click and Collect – Check the product tag or contact our co-workers for more info. Prepare your shopping list anytime and access it easily in-store through AYATRIO.in or the AYATRIO app. Use your mobile device to scan the QR codes on products that are on display. Then add them to your online cart to order for pick-up or delivery. There is no parking area dedicated to the AYATRIO City stores. Limited paid parking is available at AYATRIO Worli. Paid parking in the mall is available for AYATRIO R-city.

  • AYATRIO.com

    Let us come to you with online shopping at AYATRIO.com. Browse and get inspired, order for delivery or collection, manage your AYATRIO Family membership and lots more, all from the comfort of your home. You can even use AYATRIO.in for in-store shopping – try creating a shopping list and checking stock availability before visiting an AYATRIO store.

    AYATRIO Apps

    From planning to buying, our mobile apps can inspire you and make shopping easier. Browse products, make shopping lists, check your AYATRIO Family account and much more.

    Helping you plan and shop wherever you are

    From designing your dream home or business to buying furniture for it, our AYATRIO co-workers can help you. We have a range of planning and design services you can access from the comfort of your own home, and a team who can help you when you’re ready to get started. Discover our range and find one that works for you.

    We can help you shop

    At AYATRIO there are many different ways to shop, via remote order service, you can call us from the comfort of your home and we will help you shop all in your wishlist and more.

    Need Something else?

    Our customer support can help you in anything, from planning to buying.

    AYATRIO for Business

    For a better everyday work life, AYATRIO for Business has a range of personalized services and design tools.

    If there’s anything you need help with when it comes to furnishing your business premises, you can discuss your ideas with design professionals, check out the online planning tools or visit the AYATRIO for Business team in store.

    We have inspiration for a range of industries including retail, office, residential interiors, hospitality furnishing for restaurants, cafés and accommodation.

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