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AYATRIO India Customer Privacy Policy

A partnership in trust.

We will make sure that your personal information is protected when it is sent outside of the AYATRIO Group. We make sure our trusted service partners keep your personal information safe. When AYATRIO set out to create a high-quality, low-priced line of home furnishings, we knew we couldn't do it without the help of some very important partners-you, our customers. Whether you're researching purchases in the AYATRIO catalogue, picking up your furniture in our self-serve warehouses or assembling your purchases at home-we're working together to help you create a better everyday life at a price everyone can afford. AYATRIO is based on a partnership with our customers. Without you, AYATRIO could not exist. This partnership extends to the way we handle your personal information. Just like shopping at AYATRIO is a cooperative experience, AYATRIO makes a point of working with our customers when it comes to their privacy. We only collect the information we may need to create a better shopping experience for you. This Privacy Notice is our way of telling you what information we collect, how we use it and how you can access, change and remove your information.

What you share with AYATRIO stays with AYATRIO.

We take the security of your personal data very seriously. We have implemented various strategies, controls, policies, and measures to keep your data secure and keep these measures under close review. We do our best to ensure that your data is protected and only accessible to Ingka Group employees (or subcontractors) who need it to carry out their job responsibilities. We are committed to providing appropriate security controls to protect your personal information. If you would like to obtain a copy of your personal data with us, or if you would like to ask us to correct or delete your personal data or to exercise other individual rights, you can contact AYATRIO Customer Support and they will help you out. However, the requests will be processed considering legal and regulatory requirements.

AYATRIO Family Members:

When you as an AYATRIO Family member interact with us in our stores, the personal data will be collected such as name, date of birth, e-mail address and home address, purchasing activity, such as product preferences, information about your family such number of children, type of family (Joint, Nuclear) and other interactions you may have with us. The purpose of collecting this data is to perform statistical analysis to get insights on customer purchase, trends and engagements. This data will be stored and retained with us till you continue to use our services and / or as necessary to comply with legal obligations. If you are logged in to any AYATRIO Channel like AYATRIO Web or AYATRIO App, we collect your data (only if you identify as an AYATRIO Family member) to better understand how you use these different channels and how they play together.

AYATRIO Business Network Members

It is completely voluntary to sign up as a user of the Business Network Account. However, if you do, we need to know who you are so that we can administrate and secure the Account, enable the functionalities connected to the Account and communicate with you in various matters related thereto. For these purposes we will collect your name, company name, email address, and telephone number (optional) and number of the AYATRIO for Business Card that we issue for you. We will also collect and store information about the purchases that you have made on behalf of your company as well as your other activities on the Account. The information about the purchase history and user activity may be used to send tailored direct marketing if you have specifically consented to receiving such communication. The administrator of the Account (which is a person within your company) will be able to see the purchases that you have made on behalf of the company and registered on the Account. The Account is operated by AYATRIO IT AB (which is another company in Ingka Group) and its trusted internal as well as third party service providers. We will keep your personal data if you are a registered user of the Account. All personal data will be deleted when the Account is terminated.

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Out of sight, but never out of reach.

If you are unhappy with the way, we process your personal data please let us know and we will do our best to address your concern. Call us at 1800 419 4532 or click HERE. We will respond to your questions or concerns as quickly as possible. By using this site, you consent to the above privacy policy.