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AYATRIO Gift Cards

Digital Gift Card

You can buy one or more AYATRIO Gift cards with any value up to 10,000 INR through our website, in just a few steps. Your AYATRIO Gift card is emailed straight to your inbox. Bought gift cards can only be redeemed in stores (for now).

Share the gift card number and its PIN with any of our checkout co-workers for gift card redemption.

Physical Gift Card

You can buy a physical AYATRIO Gift Card with any value up to 10,000 INR at AYATRIO stores (in Hyderabad, Mumbai (Navi Mumbai, Worli, RCity) and Bangalore (Nagasandra).

Interested in buying Gift Cards for your business (employee and business contacts)?

Please submit a gift card request by filling out the webform. To access the webform, click the link below, Enter your company details and upload any files if needed.

One of our AYATRIO co-workers will reach out to you for further information and processing gift cards.

You will be directed to a third-party site operated by a trusted partner, Frizbee (https://AYATRIOin.frizbee-solutions.com/home/digital) You can always return to finish your shopping on AYATRIO.in

An AYATRIO Gift Card is always a great surprise!

Everyone loves receiving an AYATRIO Gift Card. Whether that’s to mark a birthday, for a special occasion or just to show how much you care.

With an AYATRIO Gift Card they can choose just what they always wanted. Which will make you happy too.

Buy an AYATRIO Gift Card

Check the Gift Card balance


Check the balance of your gift or refund card

To check your card balance, first, log in. Then fill in your card number and if applicable, a pin code. If your card has an expiration date, this will also be shown. Once you use your card, the balance on your card will also appear on the receipt.



How do I purchase a gift card?

Gift cards can be purchased in-store and online.

How long is my gift card valid for?

Gift cards are valid for a year from the date of issue.

How do I check the balance of my gift card?

You can check the balance of your gift card in-store by speaking to a co-worker.

What is the amount that can be loaded on a gift card?

The limit is Rs. 10,000 per card

Can I buy multiple cards?

Yes, you can buy multiple cards. When you buy gift cards in cash, you will be able to buy gift cards only up to INR 200,000 per day

What are the different methods of payment I can use to purchase gift cards?

Cards (Credit & Debit Cards – VISA, MASTER, RuPay, Diners, AMEX) UPI, Bharat QR, NEFT, Cash

What documents do I provide when I buy gift cards?

On purchase of the Gift cards in cash, please provide a self-attested copy of proof of identity and proof of address to complete the KYC. If the gift cards/ total purchase in cash is INR 200,000 per day, PAN card is mandatory.

Can I cancel my gift card and get a refund?

Gift cards cannot be cancelled or exchanged for cash. You cannot get a refund for the amount loaded on gift cards.